The bags we produce come mostly from recycling, which is why we can confidently say that these bags are ecological. Garbage bags are rolled up as standard. On request, we also produce separately cut bags, including printed bags, which we pack according to the standards agreed with the client. The bags are produced in various colours and thickness. We put content on the printed bags according to the customer’s needs. Printed bags can be equipped with a plastic ribbon or plastic “ears” for binding. All bags may contain an oxy-biodegradable additive as well as fragrance additives.

We also offer bags made of starch, which is a fully natural and ecological raw material.


  • HDPE bags: 25L, 35L, 60L, 120L; film thickness from 7mic to 25mic
  • LDPE bags: 35L, 60L, 120L, 160L, 240L, 300L film thickness from 20 to 200 mic
  • rolls – from 10 to 500 pieces each
  • packed in a sack or a cardboard box
  • the possibility of placing a label with the EAN code
Worek ze zgrzewem dolnym
a bag with a bottom weld
Worek na rolce bez zakładek
a bag on a roll without overlaps
Worek na rolce z zakładkami
a bag on a roll with overlaps