Rolled bags are produced in many sizes, exactly to the individual needs of customers. Depending on the application, the bags can be made of HDPE and LDPE film. Made of HDPE film, they are mainly used in retail chains, where they are used to pack individual products. Made of LDPE film, they are used as bags for freezing or packing loose products. We also roll larger and thicker bags, such as big bags for containers or plastic overwraps.
It is possible to place advertising or information prints on all of them, according to customer needs.


  • HDPE bags: film thickness from 8 mic to 100 mic, width from 100 mm to 1400 mm
  • LDPE bags: film thickness from 20 to 200 mic, width from 100 mm to 1600 mm
  • rolls – from 10 to 500 pieces each
  • packed in a sack or a cardboard box
  • the possibility of placing a label with the EAN code
  • declaration of conformity based on tests
Worek na rolce
plastic bag on a roll
Nazwa ???
plastic bag on a roll with overlaps