The industrial polyethylene films we produce have a wide range of applications. Thanks to the possibility of using special additives that increase their value, they protect the product, and the overprint gives the package the expected marketing look.


  • HDPE film: film thickness from 8 to 100 mic, film width from 100 to 6000 – mm
  • LDPE film: film thickness from 20 to 200 mic, film width from 100 to 6000 – mm
  • film in the form of tape, sleeve and half-sleeve
  • shrinking film
  • interleaving film, perforated in rolls
  • printing up to 6 colours, also double-sided, and in CMYK technology (photo quality), printing width up to 1200 mm
  • pipelined and targeted printing
  • perforation, knurling
  • additives that can be used: slip, anti-slip, anti-block, anti-static, anti-fog, stabilizers and absorbers of UV radiation, infrared reflectors, moisture absorbers, other according to the customer’s request
  • the possibility of placing a label with the EAN code
  • declaration of conformity based on tests
foil tape
foil tape
foil sleeve
foil half-sleeve
pleated sleeve
half-sleeve with pleats
peel-off perforated film on a roll
peel-off perforated film on a roll